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SARMU 39We are please to offer DVD copies of the SARMU concert that was held at Drumlin Heights School in May.  All copies must be paid in advance. 

You can also order copies of the SARMU  concert that was filmed in previous years.  We can go back as far as SARMU 38.

DVD Options:
1. With full plastic movie case and full colour insert - $25 each

2. Disc only in white DVD envelope - $15 each

Shipping included in all prices.

Note:  You can indicate the desired number of copies within your order after pressing the "Add to Cart" button.  An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you following receipt of the payment.  If you do not receive such an email, please let us know.

If you prefer not to order your copy through this online method, simply print the order form below and mail it to us with your payment:

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: "Can I order a copy after the show is over?"  Certainly!!  It's never too late to order copies... well within reason. You can order copies up to 2 years after an event has been filmed (or edited) by us!

SARMU Orders

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