(Prices effective Sept 1, 2013)

Wedding Films

DVD or Blu-ray
The "Grand Epic" $3000.00
Everlasting $1000.00
"A la carte" Custom Packages price negotiable


Additional Copies
Extra Wedding DVD Copies - $25
Extra Wedding Blu-ray Copies - $35

"Memories in Motion" Photo Montages
(100 images included with the Grand Epic Package)

$1.50 per digital photo
$3.00 per scanned photo
$2 per title/caption
Projection at Event - $100.00

Director's Cut Version
(Included with the Epic Packages)
Add-on to Everlasting or Elegance Package - $700

Wedding Film Trailers - $200

Wedding Cinematic Highlights - $300

Digital Archival of Edited Footage
With OMV supplied hard drive - $300
With Client supplied hard drive
- $50

Overtime Charges

Additional filming hours on location over normal package coverage
(billed in 30 minute intervals) 
- $150/hr per videographer

General Event Videography Services

Videography for Special Events or by Contract
(includes stage performances such as dance recitals)

Option 1: Hourly Rate - $125/hour (3 hours minimum)*
(hourly rate includes 1 hour of filming and up to 3 hours of editing - includes 1 DVD copy)

Option 2: Project Rate - $25 per DVD Copy*
(based on a minimum order of 15 DVD copies - price includes postage)

* additional fees and restrictions may apply (i.e. mileage)
** free consultation meeting available to discuss customized quotes

Filming only - Starting at $50 per hour
(no editing - raw footage transferred to DVD only)
* restrictions apply

Digital Editing of Third Party Footage
Starting at $50 per hour

Event Videography Copies - $25

Editing and Transfer Services

Tape Transfer to DVD
Per DVD with up to 2 hours of footage
Basic Menu - $20 (additional copies $10)
Deluxe Menu - $50 (additional copies $10)

Video Duplication
DVD to DVD - $15 for 1st copy (additional copies are $5)
(We will refuse to duplicate copyrighted media)

Design of Custom DVD Photo Insert
and Disc Surface with Movie Case


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