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École de Dance d'Héléna -  RECITAL VIDEO ORDERS

Récital de dance 2021
Venue: The old Legion, Saulnierville, NS
Filming Dates: April 24th & 25th

Print form

DVD Copies - $25 each (includes S&H)

All performances this year will be combined onto 1 DVD!

If you prefer not to order your copy through our online method at the right, simply print the order form above and mail it to us with your payment via cheque or money order.

Online Instructions

2021 Copies - Please select "Main Show" as your selection.  The other options do not apply this year.
You can indicate the desired number of copies within your order after pressing the "Add to Cart" button.  An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you following receipt of the payment.
  If you do not receive such an email, please let us know.

The recitals will only be available on DVD format.  They will be shipped in disc envelopes thereby saving on shipping and handling cost to the client. Shipping & handling is included in the cost.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: "Can I order a copy after the show is over?"  Certainly!!  It's never too late to order copies... well within reason. You can order copies up to 2 years after an event has been filmed by us!

Please note: If you wish to place an online order for mulitple discs of past year's performances (i.e. current recital and one from a previous year), we recommend that you contact us directly with your specific order request via email and we will arrange for a personalized payment plan for you.

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